Welcome to the Equine Experience

Andalusians de la Parra, San Antonio, TexasAt Andalusians de la Parra, we have been breeding, training and exhibiting Andalusian and Lusitano horses since 1970.  We believe that when you are lucky enough to own a work of art, with the privilege comes the responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

Andalusians De La Parra carries on a tradition to which many generations have dedicated their lives. This is maintaining and preserving the noble beauty, the intelligence, quiet temperment and athletic ability of this magnificent breed of horse, praised by Kings and Conquerors for centuries. We have exhibited our horses around the United States and abroad for the last four decades, teaching people how these beautiful creatures can inspire and help us reconnect to our authentic self.  Through living in such close proximity with these intuitive and spiritually open animals, we now share what we have to give with others.

These magical horses captivate horse-people and non horse-people alike. There is just something about a horse that helps break down the defenses we often build up. They allow us to become filled with wonder, joy and awe. Horses can teach us a lot about using our own intuition, using our talents and living in the present-moment. When you touch one of these beautiful beasts, they have an uncanny ability to reflect back to you what you have going on inside.

We hope you enjoy exploring The Equine Experience at Andalusians De La Parra and learning about these magnificent equines. We look forward to sharing what they have taught us with you.

Maritza Parra